Teuscher Chocolates Of Switzerland

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Teuscher of Switzerland is known as one of the finest chocolatiers in the world. Its chocolates have been praised by many chocolate lovers from all over the world. Its well-loved chocolate collection have benefited from 70 years of chocolate making expertise. Teuscher Chocolates started out in a small town in the Swiss Alps sometime in 1932. Dolf Teuscher embarked on trying to create chocolate confections that were not just limited to the traditional ingredients from his Alpine roots.  We sought out for the best ones all over the world to find the best cocoa, fruits and nuts to add into his chocolate creations.

After years of years of experimentation, Teuscher Chocolates has become one of those chocolatiers known for its distinctive chocolate creations and recipes of the finest quality.

Over the years Teuscher Chocolates has grown from just a small store somewhere in the Swiss Alps to having outlets for its fine chocolates the world over. Teuscher is now more popularly known for its champagne truffles but also has a wide range of other chocolate products.

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