Forbes’ Five Best Chocolates

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Despite the economic crunch, chocolate remains a lucrative industry. The International Cocoa Association reported that net sales of confectionaries reached $55 billion worldwide in 2011.

And with so many gourmet chocolate around, clearly you need some guidance on which ones to purchase and savor. Forbes contributor Carol Pinchefsky lists down the five “best chocolate you’ve never tasted,” which she assures would leave chocoholic lovers hooked. Note that some of these bittersweets are not commonly seen in stores and you would have to look really hard to find them, either online or in specialty shops.

Goldkenn Black Praline Goldbar (pictured) – This Swiss chocolate bar is fashioned like a gold bar, with the right amount of sweetness and “unctously smooth.” Thin layers of almonds and hazelnuts offset its creaminess.

E. Guittard Ambanja – “Almost everything Guittard makes is terrific,” writes Pinchefsky. “However, this bar excels thanks to its bright, fruity notes and a berry finish.”

Amadei Bar Chuao – Although its manufacturer claims this bar has hints of fresh fruits and “closes with a sensation of honey and preserves,” you might not notice its fruitiness in actual tasting. Pinchefsky writes: “What I did get was a serious chocolate kick that started chocolatey, evolved more chocolatey, and stayed with me for hours.”

Uli Mana Dark Cacao Truffles – Organic and raw, the Dark Cacao Truffles by Uli Mana is known for its earthiness and dense richness. They are flavored with agave instead of sugar, so you get the chocolate rush without the sugar high (notoriously followed by the sugar crash). These confections come in ball form, not bar.

Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel – Mast Brothers is one of the most exhorbitant chocolate brands and rightfully so. What they do to chocolate is close to perfect, such as its Fleur de Sel bar. As every chocolate lover knows, just the right amount of saltiness could dial the flavor of cocoa to 11, and this bar did just that.

Source: Forbes

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