François Pralus

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A self-dubbed “aventurier du chocolat,” Francois Pralus is a highly-respected chocolatier who has earned the “Grand Prix d’Excellence International du Chocolat” and the “Grand Prix du Festival International du Chocolat.”  He has traveled all over the world to source out the finest cacao beans.  He personally imports about 18 varieties of cacao from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands.

A second-generation pastry maker, Pralus does not create ganache or truffles we usually expect from French chocolatiers.  Instead, he blends different cacao varieties and come up with a collection of chocolate bricks humorously called “chocolate pyramid.”  Each brick features a specific region where the cacao beans were sourced, such as the subtle Indonésie, which is made from 75% Criollo cacao; the aromatic Papouasie, with 75% Trinitario bean; and Le 100%, a slightly minty and fruity brick from 100% Criollo beans sourced from Madagascar.

The chocolate bars are made personally by Pralus himself, each variety created using his unique “tea-making” technique.  He mixes cacao with water, creating a tea-like concoction.  After sweetening the drink lightly and letting it settle, the tea’s taste provides Pralus an idea on what flavor that cacao bean would be made into.

With such precise production and eye-pleasing presentation, tourists and locals alike make it a point to grab Pralus’ chocolate pyramids and savor the world filled with chocolate.

Pralus’ shops are located in five cities across France:  Paris, Annecy, Charlieu, Renaison, and his base in Roanne.  Visit www.chocolats-pralus.com for more information.

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