Max Brenner

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Max Brenner is probably one of the most recognizable names when it comes to fine chocolate making. It started in 1996 when Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner joined together to form Max Brenner and opened its first store in Israel. Three years later, it added nine other stores which showed the interest that even people in the Holy Land may have for chocolate.

This love of chocolate went international as Max Brenner became an international chocolatier when it entered the US market in 2006. It has since been associated with fine chocolate making as shown from its wide range of chocolate products. And with the interest in all things chocolate ever growing, Max Brenner has also expanded its product range that now also includes chocolate drinks, cookies and other specialized treats. Unique ingredients have also become part of its various distinct chocolate creations that provide people with a wide range of choices not only limited to the traditional chocolate fare. It all may have stemmed from this chocolatier’s philosophy that chocolate is more than just merely a matter of taste experience but also encompasses a wider range of emotions and aspects of life.

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