Swiss Chocolatier Builds Taj Mahal From White Chocolate

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Swiss chef Adelbert Bucher would have to add another feather on his cap after finishing his latest work of art: A replica of the Taj Mahal made entirely of white chocolate. Bucher, the master chocolatier of the Swiss chocolate brand Lindt for 10 years, has already created models of the Emirates Towers in Dubai and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul out of dark chocolate. The latest exhibit of his fine replica making was part of the promotions for Lindt in India.

Measuring three feet by three feet, the replica of India’s famous landmark will be on display at The Maurya lobby in New Delhi until April 11, Sunday.

“Fifteen years ago, I had designed the Taj Mahal in white sugar crystals,” the chocolatier said during an interview. Despite his fascination with the monument, Bucher has never visited the Taj. “I have only seen pictures in magazines and on the Internet,” he added.

Photo source: PTI

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