Breathe in Chocolate to Curb Appetite

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A Harvard University professor unveils his invention that may help people reduce their food cravings simply by inhaling chocolate.

Le Whif is a lipstick-shaped aerosol filled with minute particles of dark chocolate. Inventor David Edwards, a professor of biomedical engineering, claims that a single puff provides all the pleasures of chocolate minus the loaded calories. Its aroma, meanwhile, also discourages users from grabbing a plateful of cake or raiding the fridge. As tiny particles of dark chocolate coat the tongue and throat, signals are being sent to the brain telling it that the stomach is full.

Edwards claim that the particles are small enough to become airborne, but not too big to enter the lungs, which would have caused choking and other lung damage.

Le Whif chocolate inhaler is available in three flavors: plain, raspberry, and mint. There is also a Le Whif coffee version that promises to give users a kick without having to take a cup of Joe. Each tube costs 1.80 euros (about US$2.30), while packs of three costs 4.99 euros (US$6.30).

Source: Daily Mail

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