Marlain Chocolatier

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Located in the Island of Montreal, the Marlain Chocolatier is a not-to-miss spot for chocolate lovers whenever they step in Quebec.  It was founded in 1985 by Marlain Jean-Philippe, a Maître Chocolatier-Confiseur born in the French Guiana.  He first studied French pastry making in the Caribbean island of Martinique before training as a master chocolatier in Paris.

In his professional career, Jean-Philippe earned many awards in pastry and confectionery competitions at the annual Grand Salon d’Art Culinaire du Quebec between 1985 and 1994.

The shop’s array consists of a wide variety of ganache, pralines, and other bite-sized chocolate delights that are available in limited quantities.  Jean-Philippe believes that quality should always be the rule of thumb when it comes in making chocolate, which is why he would advise his customers to come early to get hold of the best pieces.

The ganache selections have different flavors sourced from natural ingredients such as amaretto, honey, passion fruit, coffee, orange, and coconut.  Some ganache even have that kick of alcohol from whiskey, cognac, rum, and grand marnier.

Customers can order Marlain chocolates placed in specially-wrapped boxes.  Its price ranges between CDN$19.50 and CDN$39.00 (about US$18.70 and $37.40), depending on the volume.  Note that some chocolate can only be done seasonally, while those with specific food allergies should inform the shop in advance so they could provide substitutes.

Marlain Chocolatier also offers chocolate bars with different flavors such as cranberries and blueberries, orange, and coffee bean.  Other sweet confectionaries that can be found in the shop include chocolate-covered almonds, candied ginger or orange peel with dark chocolate, and hazelnut coated with praline and cinnamon.

Cakes are also available in Marlain Chocolatier such as a no-flour, all-chocolate truffle cake and popular favorite chocolate mousse.  Jean-Philippe even offers chocolate-infused cosmetics like facial creams, massage oils, and lip balms.

Marlain Chocolatier is located in Cartier Avenue in Pointe Claire.  Check out www.marlainechocolatier.ca for more details.

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