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One of the most popular chocolate shops in Canada is the Daniel Le Chocolat Belge, which is run by chocolatier Daniel Poncelet.  Born and raised in Belgium, Poncelet trained in chocolate making under the guidance of master chocolatier Clovis Harmegnie.

Daniel Le Chocolat Belge, or simply Daniel Chocolates, assures customers that its confections are created using Belgian chocolate, 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, and Belgian chocolate-making techniques.  This is part of the company’s “adherence to purity.”

Customers would be delighted with the assortment of products Daniel Chocolates offers, from delicately-flavored ganache packed in ballotin boxes, to hand-made truffles with mint flavors or creamy butter centers, and even chocolate bits spiced with ancho pepper, chipotle, lemongrass, and cardamom.  All boxed products are guaranteed made upon order.

Chocolates here consist of ganache, truffles, pralines, gianduja, and caramels.  The ganache includes flavors of espresso, mint, Orvieto orange, raspberry, Dublin Irish cream, ice wine, Cilantro lemon, and Wepion strawberry.

The shop also offers Cube Box Delights, small boxes of single-variety chocolates flavored with a specific taste like organic orange peel, organic ginger, Kirsh-soaked sour cherries, natural peanut butter, and hazelnut.  It also has a Canada Collection, featuring its best chocolate products packed in specially-design packaging that illustrates different Canadian symbols such as hockey pucks, Inukshuks, totem poles, and the maple leaf.  Meanwhile, its sugar-free chocolates are flavored with maltitol, a natural sweetener made from maltose, a sugar component of corn.

Customers with specific food allergies should note, however, that Daniel Chocolates does not guarantee the presence or absence of nuts, eggs, soy, and dairy products.

The Daniel Le Chocolat Belge has nine branches across Canada, including five in Vancouver and one in Toronto.  Check out www.danielchocolates.com for more information.

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